Improve user retention

User onboarding means carefully guiding your users through a focused first impression of your app, product, or feature. When done properly, you acquire more engaged users, boost conversions, and reduce churn. Onboarded helps you quickly build beautiful custom onboarding experiences, to better understand and delight your users.

Start quickly, customize freely

Create and deploy your user onboarding flow in minutes to immediately start gaining insights about your customers. Using our visual editor, you can make changes without writing any code, so it's perfect for designers, marketers, and project managers. For developers who want even more control over the behavior and style of their flows, the Onboarded javascript library is lightweight, flexible, and fully customizable.

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Analytics without code

We track any user actions and events in your onboarding flows. Powerful reports and metrics in your dashboard will show you trends in your users' behavior at a glance. Go further, and see on an action-by-action basis what the difference is between active, engaged users, and those who get lost to churn. See how to optimize your flows to successfully retain more users.

Example: Converstion Funnel

Onboarded is ideal for quickly creating beautiful product tours, A/B tests, surveys, landing pages, and more.

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